Power Table: The new connected charging table to charge all phones.

Connected charging tables that charge mobile phones, a popular service for consumers!

Power Table, The most advanced charging table. Our attractive, ultra-sturdy charging tables are ideal for almost any situation.

Power Table

Smartphone recharge connected table

80% of your customers want to charge their phone in your establishment

Power Table


Digital transformation via the Power Table connected table

Power Table

Hotel – Cafes – Restaurants

8 out of 10 people put their phone on the table in front of them.

Power Table


Customize the table top of the Power Table connected table. A powerful marketing impact!

We are at your disposal to answer your questions and create your personalized connected charging table.

Power Qi table wireless

Do you want to rent a connected table for an event? A living room? A Congress?

The connected table integrates the autonomous wireless charging!

The trend today is to wireless recharges, in cars, airports, on his desk and even directly on the table in front of him. Our connected table responds to the demand of users to be able to charge his smartphone by induction in public places.

More and more mobile phone manufacturers are adopting it in new devices they market to attract a large number of consumers.

Wireless charging is convenient, convenient and easy to use.

Thanks to the invention of the wireless charger, it became possible to recharge the battery of his smartphone or tablet without having to use a charging cable.

This is the most innovative wireless charging solution on the market. Simply place your Smartphone on Power Table for the phone to charge wirelessly.

If your device is compatible with chargers, do not hesitate to take advantage!

Let’s first recall the operation of the induction charge. The Qi (pronounced “chi”) standard, certified by the Wireless Power Consortium, which uses inductive resonance coupling. The charger periodically emits a signal. He receives an answer. Qi compatible device is correctly installed.

The receiving coil of the smartphone aligns with that of the built-in charger of the Power Table connected charging table. The charger coil generates an oscillating magnetic field, which induces an alternating electric current in the coil of the phone, according to the phenomenon described by Faraday’s law.

Historically, wireless power transmission or Qi was introduced in 2008 through the Wireless Power Consortium (WPC). The mission of this international consortium is to control all wireless charging solutions and, above all, to promote the Qi standard.

Induction charging is integrated into the connected table

The Qi standard ensures that this magnetic induction charge operates up to four centimeters. In fact, she asks that the phone be glued to the charger, and the efficiency decreases enormously with the distance. Putting your smartphone on WiTGee’s connected charging tables makes perfect sense.

Of course, charging works even if the phone is off. The charging time may be longer in this case. To prevent loss of power, the unit should be installed on the charging surface of the Power Table connected charging table.

Power Table

Connected charging table for phone

The Power Table connected charging table is fully autonomous.

Professional and events

A connected charging table to recharge your mobile phone

Fully autonomous thanks to its built-in batteries
and the development of the WiTGee controller, The Power Table connected charging table manages its energy and dynamically optimizes recharging.

Power Table is a connected charging table that charges your wireless phone.

Without permanent connection to a power source.

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How to use Power Table? Fully Wireless charging table.

The wireless charger connected table is an essential tool for recharging your Smartphone, tablet or camera. Magic operates between the phone and the transmission medium. Electromagnetic waves produced by the proximity (contact) of the device and Power Table transmission will start the loading process automatically.

You should know that it is possible to simultaneously load 4 devices on Power Table.

User-centric wireless technology promises a bright future.

We integrate the best electronic components. Wireless charging surfaces comply with the Qi standard. The intelligent management of the WiTGee controller allows a battery life of approximately 10 days. Users are experiencing a new experience and therefore fully embrace wireless charging. Power Table attracts and captivates your customers by recharging their smartphone batteries.

The connected charging table is fully customizable.

Power Table is fully We customize the board by digital printing. This process has many advantages. Power Table resists UV as well as fire and graffiti. Power Table is robust and recyclable. A few minutes are enough to change the design or material of the tray.

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