The technology is as significant as WiFi in public areas. Charging a smartphone on a wireless charging table is now natural.


recharge all type of smartphones

Get your branded wireless charging table
True wireless charging solution for all devices.

Fully wireless charging table

No need to plug it to a power source.


This custom charging solutions built to improve service and keep their mobile devices charged at all times in the most convenient way possible.

Wireless Charging Table is the utlimate solution

A  wireless charging solution incorporated into a table. With our battery powered solution, users can charge their devices wirelessly whilst enjoying a beverage or snack. Ideal for business lunches, meeting spaces, bars, cafes, exhibitions and events.

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Let your booth visitors charge up their phones and tablets at this portable charging table! Covered in a vibrant, full-color printed fabric wrap that shows off your logo or branding.

Easy to assemble. Includes everything you need. Fully wireless charging technology. You don’t need to plug it into a power source.

Explore our range of wireless charging tables for public venues, the office and event.


  • 2 battery operated wireless charging points
  • 2 USB plugs to allow non-Qi devices to charge
  • Made with wood to respect the environment
  • Soft rubber branded ring to place phone / device on
  • Qi Certified wirless charging areas – supports all Qi compatible devices
  • Fully autonomous. No manipulation is necessary


Our wireless charging tables create convenient access to charging in public environments and power the devices that connect us to the people, activities, and experiences we love.

Create your custom smartphone wireless charging table

Power Table distinguishes your image and dynamism and your event.

borne de recharge pour téléphone

The benefits of our phone charging table.

Customize your(s) wireless charging Table (s)

– Creative Dynamics
– Design creating the difference
– Recognized professional use
– The tray is easy to clean with a smooth and hygienic surface, is robust, stable and resistant.
– It ensures excellent moisture resistance and can be used indoors and outdoors for maximum solutions.

The wireless charging Table for smartphone is a autonomous charging station.

Choose the shape of your tray for your wireless charging table and its size (70-90 cm) depending on the number of guests you want to accommodate.

Each Power Table mobile phone charging station is equipped with:

– 2 wireless induction charging surfaces certified WPC Qi.

– 2 USB type A sockets on the side of the board.

– Lithium Samsung batteries

Download the user manual

The entire surface of the Power Table phone charging station tray is customizable. With the tables that charge the phones, you will communicate in a powerful way by being closer to your customers.

recharge téléphone sur borne

Become the creator of your wireles charging Table. The smartphone charging stations!

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How the wireless charging table works?

Wireless charging is a new technology that uses an electromagnetic field to transfer energy between the charging station and the electrical device. Not all of the mobile devices support wireless charging, so make sure your is compatible with wireless charging table. (Qi)

If not, you may always buy an adapter that will make your device QI compatible.

We have settled for the three coil charger, so the charging should be swift. The multi coil system will also allow you to charge 2 devices at a time on the wireless charging table.

For your convenience the charging spot has been indicated with a slight indentation that can be branded.

First professional furniture line that charges all wireless smartphones without any permanent connection to a power source.

Wireless charging is now integrated in all new smartphones. No more cables! The adoption of this technology disrupts our habits. Widely acclaimed by consumers, (8 out of 10 people put their smartphone in front of them when they are around a table),  this feature makes as much sense as Wi-Fi in public places. It is therefore natural to be able to charge his mobile phone on a table.

WiTGee, a pioneer in wireless charging technologies, has developed a new generation of tables for charging all mobile phones and other connected devices.

We are at your disposal to inquire about wireless charging tables
Power Qi table wireless

Our wireless charging table is part of one of the most dynamic market

The Wireless Charging Market report provides an unbiased and detailed analysis of the on-going trends, opportunities/ high growth areas, market drivers, which would help stakeholders to device and align Wireless Charging market strategies according to the current and future market The Wireless Charging Market report covers the Global market and regional market analysis. Wireless Charging industry report examines, keep records and presents the worldwide market size of the important players in each region around the globe. Also, the report offers information of the leading market players in the Wireless Charging market. (more…)

Inductive Charging Remains Preferred Technology Type

The global wireless charging market is estimated to offer a total incremental opportunity worth nearly US$ 40,000 Mn during the forecast period of 2019 to 2029. In the global wireless charging market report, Persistence Market Research has segmented the global wireless charging market by component, application, technology, and region. Inductive charging technology for wireless charging is a prominent segment in the global wireless charging market, and is expected to remain prominent throughout the forecast period as compared to the resonant inductive charging and other technologies.

Based on component, the global study of wireless charging has been segmented as transmitters and receivers. With the increasing efficiency of wireless charging, and the advancement of technology providing opportunistic charging, the market demand for transmitters is increasing significantly. Disconnected from plugs and wires, and having opportunities to charge the charging devices anywhere, anytime, are the reasons behind the growth of the transmitters sub-segment. Due to such factors, the transmitters sub-segment is expected to be a prominent area in the wireless charging market and will create new business opportunities for the wireless charging technology providers.

Surging Sales of Smartphones and Other Mobile Devices Benefit Market

On the basis of application, the wireless charging market has been segmented into consumer electronics, automotive, healthcare, industrial, and others. Increasing usage of smartphones is anticipated to drive the growth of the consumer electronics segment in the global wireless charging market. In addition, technological advancements in mobile devices such as embedded wireless charging technology are creating awareness about wireless charging among consumers. An increasing number of mobile device vendors are incorporating the wireless charging feature in high-end models of smartphones, wearable devices, laptops, and notebooks, which is driving the adoption of this technology.

WiTGee, A EU actor on Wireless charging market

The wireless charging market in North America is estimated to feature attractive incremental opportunity during the forecast period, followed by the East Asia market. In North America, the U.S. is a prominent country in the wireless charging market. The presence of various key players and advancements in various industries are the key factors, which will support the prominence of the U.S. in the North American wireless charging market during the forecast period.

South Asia wireless charging market is estimated to record a high CAGR and follow North America and East Asia markets. Governments in the East Asia region are taking substantial initiatives in the form of regulations and policies to help promote the sales of electric vehicles in the region. The initiatives are primarily aimed at reducing the emissions of greenhouse gases and pollutants, thereby helping stabilize human-induced losses to the environment.

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The South Asia region is witnessing technological advancements in the field of IT, manufacturing, industrial sectors, and others. In parallel, the government of India is encouraging foreign investors in different sectors. Due to these factors, the Indian wireless charging market is creating potential opportunities for the wireless charging market.

The best is coming

One of the great advancements of the 21st century is the move to rechargeable lithium ion batteries. But can we do better?

Wireless charging pads have been around for a few years now and they’re certainly appealing. Charging cables can be cumbersome, and there’s an inherent elegance to placing a phone onto a little pad and letting it charge without putting any real effort into it.

That said, there are benefits and drawbacks to moving to a wireless charging lifestyle. You might clean up your cord clutter, but you’ll miss out on some important advantages of wired charging, too. Thankfully, we’re here to help with a few reasons why you should and jump on the wireless charging table.

Covering charging table

The wrapping process:

Thanks to the WiTGee wrapping process,

  • The design or material of Power table tray can be completely changed in minutes.
  • Logo, Brand : On table top
  • Customize wireless charging area with your design.
  • Choose between more than 700 material details and finishes with 3M covering films.
power table covering
Power Table covering

The wrap on vinyl film:

100% creative in the Wireless Charging Table
Your visual communication closer to your customers. By offering the ability to recharge wireless smartphones by induction, you boost the image of your business. The simplicity of the charging delight users. Their smartphone charges next to your communication and messages.
chargeur smartphone hotels
chargeur smartphones pour hotel
chargeur téléphone congres
Power table branded
chargeur de smartphone sans fil
chanel table
Table AMG
power Table wood
carbon charging table
table chargeur smartphone

We realize the design of your Power Table (s).
Our studio will integrate all your visual elements: Logo, graphic charter, visual elements ..

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