Are the charging stations for the phones out of date?

The charging compartments for smartphones can be found in trade shows, shopping centers, congresses or hotels. These recharging terminals for phones nevertheless have disadvantages and even more risks for your data and your smartphone.

Decrypts in detail the charging stations for smartphone.

In the first place, these charging stations are most often eccentric because of their bulk. Cumbersome cables connect the charging station to a power source at all times. In this case, these smartphone charging stations are not autonomous.

These smartphone charging stations are also in the crosshairs of data security analysis laboratories. The Kaspersky test lab has warned users against these smartphone charging cabinets. Indeed, their study shows that China manufactures most charging stations for phones. Some have malware that will steal your information when charging your smartphone on these charging stations.

recharge sans fil

Smartphone charging station

  • Almost all the terminals are made in China.
  • The user does not have his smartphone.
  • The terminals are placed in often eccentric locations.
  • Independent laboratories have identified problems.
  • The user may miss important calls.
  • A risk of data piracy exists
  • Marketing impact is poor

Power Table

casier chargeur smartphone
  • WiTGee produces Power Table in France (Sophia Antipolis – 06).
  • The user has his smartphone in front of him.
  • He does not need to move.
  • 8 out of 10 people put their smartphone on the table in front of them.
  • The user will not miss any calls.
  • The smartphone does not exchange data during charging.
  • The marketing impact is powerful

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