Smartphone charging station in public places

WiTGee is the leader in charging stations for public and secure mobile phones.

The charging stations are obsolete! Power Table is for all these reasons better than a charging station.

The mobile charging table makes life easier for users. It’s easy to put your smartphone in front of you to recharge it. You will never run out of battery again.

Power Table is better than conventional charging stations. Power Table charges smartphones and tablets, video game consoles and cameras of all brands safely. These reloading solutions are designed to optimize the simplicity and comfort of charging.

Charging stations are a danger to your data!

Have you ever wondered if your smartphone and its contents are safe when you connect the device to the free charging stations? These kiosks are available at airports, cafes, parks or public transport. By the way do you know what type of data your mobile actually exchanges with these terminals while it is charging? Kaspersky Lab researchers bring you clear answers on this subject. In conclusion we recommend their study because contrary to the assertion of companies that sell its charging stations, your data is in danger!

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