Recharge smartphone in public places

Bar, restaurant, hotel, waiting room and even at the Formula 1 Grand Prix! The tables of the WiTGee startup are visible throughout the territory. Each trader can rent a Power Table to allow his customers to recharge their smartphone by induction. All without constraint for the tenant, since Power Table Qi operates independently of the sector.

Consumers feel compelled to have to separate from their smartphone to put it in a locker away from them to recharge. They judge the fact of not being able to dispose of his smartphone during the negative congresses. Smartphone charging lockers are for consumers questioned out of date.

The majority of consumers surveyed believe that having a bulky box in front of them is no way to upgrade their smartphone. They respond most often that they prefer to have a personal external battery.

More secure than all chargers.

One study found that many wired charging stations were not just recharging users’ smartphones, but were unknowingly stealing their personal data.

Link to study

Chargers for smartphones type “charging cabinet” and “box for recharging” made in China are concerned by this study.

WiTGee warns users to protect their data.

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