Recharge your wireless phone in public places. Wireless charging station

Wireless charging is now integrated
to all new smartphones. Cables
finally disappear!
Recharge your smartphone simply
by putting it on Power Table in front of you.
Table recharge sans fil
Power Table manages its energy and optimizes recharging dynamically.
No manipulation is necessary.
The user places his phone on the areas of the Power Table phone charging station. The loading starts.
Table recharge iPhone
We can change the design or appearance of the tray material to infinity.
The “COVERING” process of Power Table.
We use film similar to that intended to cover the bodywork of our cars.
3M ™ DI-NOC ™ Film offers a wide choice of more than 700 types of finishes.
We fully customize the Power Table Phone Charging Station to energize your events.
Chargeur de smartphone hotel
All electronic components are integrated into the Power Table charging station tray.
The table top retains all the features of a classic table top.
– A totally smooth plateau.
– High strength and durability of the material.
– Easy maintenance, hygienic materials.
Table chargeur iPhone
Power Table charges all smartphones and connected devices that are compatible with the WPC Qi standard.
Founded more than 10 years ago, on December 17, 2008, the Wireless Power Consortium (WPC) adopted the Qi standard that allows universal induction charging of all compatible electronic devices.
The largest union for wireless induction charging. Apple, Samsung, Nokia, LG, Panasonic, HTC, Sony, Motorola, Huawei …

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