Smartphone charging case

Do the chargers of smartphones to put on the table have a real marketing impact?

Are smartphones chargers also called “Power bank” to put on a table with advertising represent an innovation? Does the embedded visual have an impact on customers?

Many companies are marketing smartphone chargers to be placed on the table. These phone chargers include a display space to integrate an advertisement. A study of users shows that 67% of users do not really pay attention to the message displayed. Only a tiny minority can name the name displayed on the loader after using it.

These chargers to put on the table are they secure?

In the same way as smartphone charging stations, China manufactures most of these gadgets. They are therefore also subject to the same risks as the charging terminals.

chargeur de téléphone hotel

Smartphone charger

  • Almost all chargers are made in China.
  • Cards are deteriorating fast and can damage your smartphone.
  • Independent laboratories have highlighted problems.
  • A risk of data piracy exists.
  • Marketing impact is poor.
  • Users prefer to use their external battery.

Power Table

casier chargeur smartphone
  • WiTGee produces Power Table in France (Sophia Antipolis – 06).
  • The user has his smartphone in front of him.
  • He does not need to move.
  • 8 out of 10 people put their smartphone on the table in front of them.
  • The user will not miss any calls.
  • The smartphone does not exchange data during charging.
  • The marketing impact is powerful

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