Power Table, the new Phone charging station.

The cables finally disappear! New charging station for phone.

The charging station for mobile phone has not evolved for too long. It’s time to simplify the way users charge their phones in public places.

Borne de recharge téléphone

Simply put your phone on Power Table to recharge it.

A mobile charging station just in front of you.

The integration of mobile charging station in the table makes sense.

Batterie recharge

In public places, 8 out of 10 people put their phones on the table in front of them.

Reloading your smartphone is as logical as Wi-Fi in public places.
It is therefore natural to put your smartphone on the Power Table mobile charging station.
Being able to charge your smartphone simply on a table is now the most comfortable phone charging solution.

Consumers greatly applaud this feature.

Are you tired of looking for a charging station for phone or smartphone in public places?
The phone charging station is far from your booth?
Put your phone on Power Table in front of you, it recharges!


Power Table is the first phone charging station designed to charge all wireless smartphones without a permanent connection to a power source.

Wireless charging is nowadays integrated with all new smartphones. Reloading your phone by putting it on a Power Table mobile phone charging station makes sense. The cables finally disappear with Power Table!
WiTGee is a pioneer in wireless charging technologies. We offer a new generation of tables to charge all mobile phones.

The charging station for telephone: Power Table

1 – Qi compatible smartphone
List of smartphones Qi certified and compatible
with Power Table Phone Charging Station.
2 – Film covering
More than 700 types of finishes
Customize Power Table
3 – Induction charging zones
WPC Qi 10w Fast charge.
4 – USB Plugs
Power Bank, Camera, Go Pro…
5 -Built-in batteries in the tray
90 000 mAh
6 – Table leg (45 – 72 – 110 cm)
You choose or keep your existing table leg
7 – Energy gauge
Digital display of the energy reserve
8 – Energy controller
Developed by WiTGee
9 – Table top
All the features of a classic table top.

Power Table. When the charging station for mobile phones is forgotten.

Let’s take a closer look at the advantages and disadvantages of today’s mobile phone charging stations.

In the first place, the main negative point of the telephone charging stations is the fact of having to separate from it. The smartphone is our companion at all times. The first principle of a mobile phone is to have it at hand.

Users then lock their smartphone in the cell phone charging station.

Another penalizing point of the phone charging station is often its location. They are placed far enough away from the stands of trade fair exhibitors, for example. Often on the other side of the event.

station recharge téléphone portable

For 10 years,
In public places there are charging stations for mobile phones and smartphones.

The charging station for phone and smartphone is also democratized in trade shows, shopping malls, congresses or hotels.

Phone charging stations are not autonomous!

Cell phone charging stations with lockers need to be connected to a power source. This is the case of charging stations for cell phones with lockers. Having a cable permanently limits the possible locations of these charging stations.

No space to recharge your smartphone!

When you find the charging station smartphones lockers, we see that the lockers are already occupied. The user has no way of knowing how long he has to wait to charge his smartphone.

The plugs do not fit well to all phones.

USB Type A, Micro USB, Apple Lightning, USB Type C are the most used connectors in mobile phone charging stations. Due to use, the sockets are damaged. This results in a risk of damaging your phone charging jack.

borne de recharge
borne recharge téléphone

The mobile charging station uses the Qi standard.

The mobile charging station uses the Qi standard.

Qi wireless power transmission is born thanks to the Wireless Power Consortium, supported by more than 300 companies worldwide like Samsung or Apple.

Qi logo

This “association” of leaders aims to standardize wireless charging to avoid compatibility issues between different devices in the near future, and to open a market by the user in which the user reloads in the simplest way his phone.

Conventional cell phone charging stations, such as phone charging stations with lockers, will disappear. Or also the phone charger to put on the table will become useless.


This technology could not be simpler to use since you have nothing to do!

The Qi Wireless Mobile Phone Charging Station transmits an electromagnetic frequency, operating at a maximum distance of 40mm, and communicating with compatible devices for charging, almost at the same speed as a wired charger. And very soon faster!

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